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Get a working knowledge of social science methodologies

SAGE Research Methods Online is aimed at students and researches and is useful when exploring the multitude of social science methodologies.

SRMO organizes the contents of more than 600 books, articles, dictionaries, and encyclopedias, and can assist you in your research and data collection planning.

SRMO offers a broad variety of texts, ranging from brief definitions to entire monographs such as “Analyzing Complex Survey data”, “Time Series Analysis”, or “A Narrative Approach to Organization Design”.


Get a bird´s-eye view using “Methods Map”
SRMO has developed a visual search tool that shows the inter-linkage of various methodologies and concepts. Use Methods Map to identify, by a simple click, relevant articles, book sections, and audiovisual materials on selected concepts and methodologies.  

The small picture illustrates an example of a map of “discourse analysis”. Explore related methods, view relevant discourse analysis texts, or return to the more generic concept of Qualitative Data Analysis. 

Find definitions
For a quick definition of a concept, e.g. focus group, limit your search to encyclopedias and dictionaries. SRMO also contains audiovisual materials in which the merits and drawbacks of various methods are debated by experts.


Go exploring
Explore the literature in SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO) on your own and find inspiration for your next paper or project.