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Book study seats online

No more queuing for study seats at CBS Library with the introduction of a study seat booking system.

CBS Library study group room booking has been available to CBS students for a long time. With the introduction of a similar system for booking single study seats at Dalgas Have, Porcelænshaven, and Solbjerg Plads (1st and 2nd floor) you won´t be wasting your time looking for a vacant seat.


CBS students only

For a long time CBS students have expressed a wish to have exclusive rights to the 1st and 2nd floor at Solbjerg Plads. With the introduction of the single study seat booking system we have decided to meet this wish.

Booking throughout CBS campus

Now all CBS and CBS Library group study rooms and single study seats can be booked in the same system. We hope that this will make it easier for you to find a vacant room or study seat.


Other library users

Library visitors not attending CBS are welcome to use the CBS Library study facilities. They are free to make use of unoccupied study seats anywhere in the library or the study seats in the basement and on the ground floor that are open to everybody.


Link to the booking system