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Better indoor environment, more study seats, and a simpler website

Thank you to all of you who took the time to take part in our user survey this spring. Your responses enable us focus on the things that are important to you.

We asked you to what extent we meet you expectations of service, information resources, and facilities.

Among other things, the survey shows us

  • That access to information resources has a high priority
  • That easy access to information is important, also off campus
  • That the homepage is difficult to navigate
  • That students want more study group rooms, better indoor environment, and a more peaceful library
  • That lecturers are happy about the service level they experience

On a scale from 1-9 we achieved 6,51 on general satisfaction with library services. That is above average compared to the other libraries in the survey.

We have received a lot of comments, both positive and negative, as well as suggestions for improvements.  In the time ahead we will go through the results in more detail and identify the areas ripe for improvement.

Thank you for your responses and all your excellent suggestions.


CBS Library


Facts about the user survey
From March 14 through April 10 CBS Library carried out a questionnaire survey in which 50 lecturers and 1065 students took part.

The questionnaire contained 22 questions and a comment field and consisted of three parts:

• Affect of service (personal service experience)
• Information control (resources, e.g. books, databases)
• Library as place (Facilities)

In addition to these there were questions about general satisfaction and frequency of use.

The survey is based on LIBQUAL, an American concept used for benchmarking etc. The community consists of more than 1000 libraries.