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10 yearbooks - hours of entertainment

The World in 2010

We have selected 10 interesting yearbooks that will keep you entertained for hours.

Domestic and international organizations collect data on an ongoing basis and issue a number of publications each year.

Get free access to these publications online or through CBS E-ressources.

  1. Statistisk Årbog
  2. Statistisk Tiårsoversigt 2010
  3. Europe in figures: Eurostat yearbook 2010
  4. Eurostat regional yearbook 2010
  5. World Competitiveness Online fra IMD
  6. World Development Indicators 2011 fra World Bank
  7. Global Economic Prospects 2010 fra World Bank
  8. OECD Economic Surveys
  9. OECD Economic Outlook
  10. Advances in Strategic Management

Find more exciting yearbooks in the library E-ressources   under the headings Country Information  og Statistics.