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Writing your thesis?

6 hints that will make writing your thesis easier presented by CBS Library.

Below we have collected a range of services that could prove relevant when you are writing your thesis. They cover everything from seeking inspiration over retrieval and reference techniques to the organization of literature.


Find inspiration in other students´ theses
If you are looking for inspiration and inputs a good place to start is the library´s collection of theses, which offers insights into topical, structural, and bibliographic trends.


Keep track of your literature with RefWorks
The process of collecting and organizing your literature can be very time consuming. CBS Library offers access to RefWorks, a reference management system that can help you keep track of your literature and help you create a bibliography, thus saving you precious time, especially with a deadline approaching.


Loans from other libraries
If we don´t have it, we will get it, it´s as simple as that.


The CBS librarians have many years of experience in the field of information retrieval and search technique. We are more than happy to share this know-how with you to make you feel more confident conducting your own research.


Make correct citations and avoid plagiarism
Familiarize yourself with the rules of citation, paraphrasing, and use of references in our tutorial Here you will also learn how to make in-text citations.


Monitor articles and stay updated
Subscribe to tables of content from e-journals and stay informed on the newest research within your subject field.
Create alerts for your searches and receive email notifications containing new articles directly in your inbox.


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