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WRDS (Wharton Research Data Service)

CBS students can get access to use the WRDS resources. This requires that you request for an account. The procedure is as follow:

  • Go to the account request form
  • ”Institution”: choose Copenhagen Business School
  • ”Account Type”: choose Masters Student
  • Fill in your name, CBS e-mail address (note: it has to be a CBS e-mail), username etc.
  • You must also agree to the WRDS Terms of Use to complete your account application.

Within a couple of days you’ll receive a confirmation of your account request. 


Information on WRDS contents is available on Welcome to WRDS!

Notice that CBS doesn’t have access to all the WRDS resources. WRDS is not a trading platform like e.g. Bloomberg but contains data dedicated to the research within the mentioned domains.


Erik Sonne, CBS Library

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